23 Haziran 2009 Salı

Walking In The Sand

Fethiye Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon)
This is my father Selim. He was searching a nice place to take a photo.
I like the foot tracks and the plants.

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  1. This is very very good, Alin. The light is good. The composition is good: you have captured the upper part of Selim's body with the sea and sky as the background.

    Give your dad a wolf-whistle for his board-shorts ...

    But it is the light I think that really makes your photo. Are you learning all the manual settings yet?

  2. I just came from your Dad's blog. What a lovely start to a blog you have. I like this photo because it is mysterious and simple, not an easy thing to do in photographs.

  3. Thank you so much Clarity.

    Thank you very much Julie. No I'm not learning all the manual settings yet.

  4. Your father's portrait is so very nice. I like the footprints in the sand as well.

  5. I think my favorite part of this photo is the light from the clouds opening above, you captured it very well, its amazing to see your perspective and my 8 year old daughter is very inspired by your photos as well:)

  6. Thank you Virginia, Humble Mama and Humble Mama's daughter.