24 Haziran 2009 Çarşamba

Dancing Marbles

Lykia World Ölüdeniz, Fethiye
This is a holiday village in Fethiye and here is the breakfast room.
I like this little marbles because they're very colorful and sweet.
They're dancing...

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  1. There are many parts of this photograph to like, Alin.

    The repeating pattern of lines and "marbles" is good and made better by the colours. These are your vertical lines, yes?

    Then you slice your image in half with that strong horizontal. Rising out of the horizontal you have those gorgeous diagonal zig-zags.

    Such a good eye to put this all together.


  2. How lovely they are and your description makes them more beautiful. You are doing a wonderful job at this photography blog thing!!! Keep bringing us more of things that interest you.

  3. Welcome among us!!It is wonderful that you are following your father's footsteps and I am sure that you have his photographic eye! I will follow your blog often!
    Blognote (Diederick)

  4. Alin, this is wonderful. You are following in your father's footsteps and may even overtake him in the fullness of time (sorry Selim:)).

  5. Thank you everyone. I'm glad you like my photo.